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I am Annis Karpenko. I am an interdisciplinary artist.

I am inspired by colour, language, light, texture, energy and the human spirit. 

I create, paint, photograph, doodle, dream and write 
whenever I can. I am intrigued by the human effort toward 
self awareness. I am deeply moved by grief, kindness, love, the mystical and endurance in the face of adversity.

My artwork and photographs have been exhibited in 
Toronto, North Hatley, Sutton and Lennoxville, Quebec and are represented in private collections in Canada and the U.S. 

I hold an MEd in holistic and spiritual education from 
OISE-U of Toronto, a BA in theatre from Bishop's University and am currently a MFA Interdisciplinary Arts student at Goddard College in Vermont. 

MFA blog -  The Heron Chronicles

Interdisciplinary Art -  Goddard College

All images and phrases © Annis Karpenko 2000 - 2014

Contact: annis at minervalake dot com


I went off in search
of me and myself
by doing and thinking 
and creating and loving 
and hoping and dreaming and being.

And I found there is 
activity in not doing, and 
thought in not thinking, and creation in not creating, and 
love in not loving, and
hope in not hoping, and 
dreams in not dreaming and
I AM by not being.

Once I stopped searching, 
I discovered everything.

Annis Karpenko
March 2008